Guide to Sodding and Its Choice and Installation


If you want instant results, then better sod then seed. Unlike seeding where one has to schedule the right season to plant like September or April, one can sod anytime during the growing season as long as adequate water is available.  It is possible to walk the sodden ground after planting and it is also free of weeds.  What people say to argue for seeding is that the selection for the best species is wider and you can choose that which is appropriate to your soil type and management practices.  We must remember that turf would eventually develop according to the type of environment that it is in.

Some say that buying sod is more expensive that buying seed and growing them.  Seeding can just be as expensive because you don’t get successful the first time, you might have to keep on reseeding if you want a really dense turf, since seed germination is poor and they are also washed off by heavy rains.  This includes weed problems until your lawn is fully established or dense.

There are many people who want to do the sodding installation themselves thinking that it is as simple as rolling out the eagle sod, stumping it, and watering it regularly.  Doing it yourself can lead to disaster as many have experienced and you need to live up with your mistakes for a long time.  The perfect sodding installation is learned by experience.  Here are ways where you can take advantage when you hire a sod seller and an installer company.

IT is important that you select the right kind of turf that is the right one to suit your area.  This includes your distinct climate, your yard setting and your use of it.  Most DIYer’s mostly base their choice solely on what is available and the price tag without realizing that some varieties of grass may not flourish in dryer conditions or when it gets direct intense heat.  Some grass do not thrive well when there is heavy traffic.  You will have dead grass or sickly lawn if you buy the wrong kind to install on your yard so failure to carefully choose the sodding material will mean failure to accomplish your purpose no matter how careful you do the installation.  The ideal grass to choose is something that is fresh and healthy with a thin layer of soil.  A person just learning something will not only know the difference, it is also hard to fathom the reason behind good selection. Check out boise sod company.

An important aspect in sodding is preparing the land beforehand.  In your land preparation, you need to remove your old and stubborn stock, and condition the soil using only the right tools to do it correctly.  The tools used for land preparation are actually inexpensive and these include a pH meter, moisture meter, soil testing kit, and other gardening tools. To understand more about SEO, visit


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